Purposly misspelled to be different.

I may not be the brightest crayon in the box,But I’m no dummy either.I recently heard the term knock to describe a person.WHAT THE HELL IS A KNOCK??*Please clue me in if you know.I have been working on my geneology site and I posted some photos,so when I was done I saw doubles,even triple duplicates of same photos  and I’m embarressed to say I don’t know how I did it or exactly how not to.Im probably going to have to have my adult daughter fix it for me.Besides being embarressed if she dontike photos I’ve chosen she’ll delete them.Im jotting info for family from 1600s from Tidewater,VA.Im hoping that by doing it publicly I have a good chance to have relatives I don’t know who possibly want to contribute records or photos on line to make it more complete.


Author: lindadianebrowder

I love to get creative painting ceramics and writing.

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